9 Warning Signs Your Body Is Missing Vitamin E

Date: 2020-11-04 20:45:03

Can your muscle weakness and cramps be due to vitamin E shortage? Does it impact your body immune system? How does it impact your vision? Were speaking about all of these AND more โ€ฆ

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Intro โ€“ 0:00
1. Muscle weak point โ€“ 00:26
2. Walking trouble โ€“ 01:45
3. Tingling and tingling โ€“ 02:54
4. Vision problem โ€“ 04:04
5. Muscle cramps โ€“ 04:37
6. Immune system โ€“ 05:58
7. Dry skin and loss of hair โ€“ 06:43
8. Your wounds take longer to recover โ€“ 07:28
9. You have a weak digestion system โ€“ 07:55

1. Muscle weak point
Have you been feeling weak and exhausted for no reason? Life can toss curveballs. And it does get pretty extreme in some cases. Its regular to feel weak after you had a long, tiring day at work.

2. Walking Difficulty
Having trouble strolling or climbing stairs? As if your reflexes are unexpectedly all over the location? You may be vitamin E lacking!

3. Feeling numb And Tingling
Do you frequently feel weird tingling feelings in parts of your body? Have you felt random numbness or burning in your palms, feet and in other places?

4. Vision Problem
Do you often find yourself squinting while reading something? Its time to get an eye examination!

5. Muscle Cramps
Ever get muscle cramps in your leg from sitting in one position for too long? Muscle cramps are incredibly uneasy.

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Can your muscle weak point and cramps be due to vitamin E deficiency? Does it affect your immune system? Ever get muscle cramps in your leg from sitting in one position for too long? Muscle cramps are very uneasy. You feel it without any muscle pressure or pressure.

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